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B Meters RFM-TX1

B Meters RFM-TX1

B Meters
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Product Data Sheet
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The RFM-TX1 is a radio module suitable for the consumption data transmission and applicable to the single jet GSD8-RFM water meters.

Easy to install and configure, it is designed with ultra-low power consumption components and special algorithms for energy savings.

In addition to the present consumption data and up to 12 months of historical values, it can detect various types of attempted fraud against the meters, the prolonged functioning at the maximum flow rate (Q4) and a potential water loss downstream the meter

  • TRANSMISSION PROTOCOL: W-Mbus EN13757-4 @868 MHz ≤ 10 mW
  • SIGNAL COVERAGE: 300 meters*
  • POWER SUPPLY: 3.6V Lithium battery
  • BATTERY LIFE: >10 years**
  • SIZE AND WEIGHT: 30 x 67 x 67mm, 43g
  • CONFIGURATION: Wireless with RFM-RX2 and dedicated software
  • WORKING TEMPERATURE: from +1°C to +55°C
  • TRANSMITTED DATA: Total measured volume (consumption), total of backward flow, 12 monthly historical values, battery status, alarms
  • ALARMS: Discharged battery, module removal attempt, magnetic fraud attempt, prolonged functioning at Max flow rate, excessive back flow, potential leakage detection

* Under ideal signal propagation conditions
** Battery life depends on the number of associated devices and the environmental conditions